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Ljubljana, SI

UI/UX Designer & Webflow Developer.

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Website design

I create dynamic, crisp, and custom site designs. By working with a Webflow designer and Webflow developer all-in-one, you'll be able to skip crossed wires at developer handoff, and spend more time on the extras that really impress.

Pixel-Perfect Development

I turn your designs into pixel-perfect Webflow sites with great attention to detail and elegant animations. From the design to fully functional website down to a pixel.

WF Development

Webflow is the most powerful visual coding tool and CMS that not only allows experienced developers to save time and get creative - but also allows creatives and marketers to skip the IT department to visually code, manage site content, and connect to digital marketing tools.

Motion graphics

I want to make sure each project makes a customer sit up, pay attention, and feel something. One of the best ways to do this is with interactions that make the experience of consuming your site fun.
About me

Customer-focused experiences.

Digital designer focusing on web design, UX / UI, and web development. Over my career, I worked on numerous projects for large companies as well as small businesses helping them enhance digital presence and boost their brands.

I'm organised, detail oriented, and experienced in handling many projects. Focusing on building projects that not only look good, but also address core business goals.
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